Wedding season begins this weekend, starting with a lovely outdoor wedding tomorrow.  I can’t believe how fast time goes by and I must admit I am seriously excited for wedding season to really take its course.

My dear sister walks down the aisle next week and I am beyond thrilled! We depart on Thursday to beautiful Los Olivos for her wedding over the weekend. I think the greatest thing about weddings is not just the couple’s love for each other, but the people that really come together to share such a BIG moment in the couple’s life as husband and wife. The projects for her wedding have been endless and one of the greatest things to work on was actually altering my mother’s wedding dress that she handmade almost 40 years ago. Excited, overjoyed and ready to dance is exactly how I feel.

Today, we bring you another 2012 wedding atUnion Station in Los Angeles. I still remember meeting Vicky at our Panera Bread meeting the first time where we chatted for hours about all of her ideas, details, and how she even wanted to incorporate her two dogs! (If you don’t know yet … I absolutely LOVE DOGS!) They had a Roaring 20’s inspired wedding with a flare of Chinese culture, and the Fred Harvey Room was honestly THE perfect location. They had feathers, a live band, and a very extensive dessert station that took up the entire “U” bar at the venue.

Vicky and Steve, it was really a pleasure working with you and getting to know you both. I’m always amazed to meet another person who lived in Cerritos because I’m sure our paths have crossed someway and somehow before. Best wishes to you both and I hope to see you and the doggies around when you come home to visit your family in Cerritos!

Please enjoy these gorgeous photos from Brandon Wong Photography! (Note: Brandon and Katrina from Brandon Wong Photography just got engaged!!!)