From our gal Gloria Yi:

On a Sunday afternoon our team was invited by fashion designer and owner Vivian Chan for an exclusive photoshoot to represent her Summer 2016 line, inspired by and dedicated to wedding planners. E2 Make up & Beauty did our hair and make-up to enhance and define our natural beauty. Stewart Uy Photography led and directed the photoshoot in collaboration with Vivian Chan’s team.

As wedding planners, we are creatives who appreciate the quality of details both big and small and likewise, Vivian Chan is a designer who creates every style with intentions beyond just the fabric that is cut and sewn together. Each style is comprised of details down from the very pattern of the fabric to how the garment is designed to be worn. All seasons, past and current are inspired by and celebrate a group of real women with real careers, and real personalities while embracing both their beauty and femininity.

Vivian Chan pre-selected a style from her SS16 collection for each girl to wear for the photoshoot. She explained the source of the inspiration behind her designs for the collection and how the details of the garments reflected and embodied wedding planners. For example, the custom square print on some of the styles had a knot intertwined into the pattern to reflect how wedding planners help couples “tie-the-knot.”  Her collection definitely generates positive feelings and to be able to be a part of her inspiration was simply extraordinary!

Thank you for celebrating the women in our industry! It was an honor and a privilege!

Check out the photos of our team wearing the Summer 2016 Collection from Vivian Chan! Head on over to Vivian Chan’s website to check out the new collection, along with all her other beautiful pieces by clicking HERE!