What is your spirit animal? Chipmunk

If you could take a time machine and go back in time, what era would you like to be born in? 1700’s to see what the balls and the parties thrown by the world’s kings and queens were like. Revolutions!

What would your perfect vacation be? Having all of my friends and family in one huge mansion at the bottom of a mountain which just so happens to be a white sand beach with clear fresh sweet water that is drinkable. A mansion with staff too. No cooking, cleaning, or organizing involved.

If you were to create a slogan for your life, what would it be? Hakuna matata

What is your favorite part of weddings and/or events? 

My favorite part about weddings are “the feels." A wedding is an excuse for the couple to gather all of their most loved family and friends in one location. The genuine love and joy of everyone there is obvious in every event at a wedding - the ceremony, vows, speeches, dances, partying, etc. I just love all of it. The people make it special.